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This is a mystical story about man’s best friend, his closest companion, his dog. This is a touching story about a dog no one wanted to buy. A tiny black-and-white phantom poodle doggie in the window, but not the show window! She was at the back of the pet store, in a small cage with a glass front. She was covered in shredded black-and-white newspapers, which made it appear the cage was empty! This is an amazing story about an amazing dog that understood English, Spanish, Greek, and some Italian. A dog with a certificate of pedigree of five generations! A dog with a sharp mind, extensive vocabulary, an extraordinary fast runner, and the ability to love people unconditionally! A dog who loved working at rest homes, private homes, and hospice care as an invited guest.

This is a story about how a dog named Spirit overcame the loss of her hearing as well as 90 percent of eyesight, but never her vision to still help others, as she has a great nose for smelling! A high-spirited companion with a magical ability to feel thoughts before and after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

This magical, mystical story will touch your heart! It is a story many will relate to about their own companions they have today or a companion that also crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Companions who will forever provide magical memories of love. This is a book pet owners needs to have in their home for future reference.

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Love Letter Memoirs Volume I: the Art of Love

Love Letter Memoirs Volume I: the Art of Love is a unique book standing alone like no other. It is a true love story, which spans a 50-year period, with a collection of love letters and artwork done by the late artist, Hans Herman Krommenhoek, known in Who’s Who in America. This book is done in five volumes as an e-book and soon to be published in paperback. Lunchtime readers can enjoy each month with intrigue this continued love story of Hans and Peggy. Hans was from Holland. He moved to Arizona in 1957 with his mother and eight younger siblings, where he met Peggy, a young teenager.

This is a love story of karma never ending. Regardless of where the two lovers stood, together or apart, karma followed them in their hearts and minds, beyond the physical, beyond the value of this life. Love being an eternal round, like a circle or ring. If you cut the ring and break this circle, you still will have no beginning or end, for who is to say which is which.


Love Letter Memoirs Volume II: the Art of Love

Peggy J. D’Amato tells this story about the love between Hans Krommenhoek and Peggy Hill. A true love story spanning 50 years, with love letters from Hans as well as beautiful watercolor artwork done on each love letter envelope.

Written in four continuing volumes with several chapters in each volume. Done in short story easy reading for your pleasure. Volume 5 will be a special volume; it will be a hardback book. It will contain all four volumes of the e-books, as well as all the art collection of the love letters over the 50-year span of time.


Love Letter Memoirs Volume III: The Art of Love Fifty Shades of White Trilogy

Love Letter Memoirs Volume III: The Art of Love Fifty Shades of White Trilogy is about the love between a young girl and an artist. A romance with love letters spanning fifty years. Letters with artwork on the envelopes, painted by this Dutch/American master artist, Hans Krommenhoek. Hans found his artistic motivation in loving Peggy, thus called, “The Art of Love,” his work was an expression of his unending love for Peggy, his artistic strength in versatility. Hans virtually worked in any medium, as well as having the extraordinaire ability to reproduce other “master’s” work, such as seen in the copy reproduction Hans did of the English artist, Edward Ladell’s masterwork, called Still Life with Bird’s Nest.

This is a beautiful love story with colored copies of original artwork Hans did for Peggy on his love letters to her. The dates and stamps give you the years the art was done. Written for all age groups to enjoy, viewable as an e-book as well as text. Great as a table top display to view the art. You will want to read again and again to study the artwork, as he, at times, wrote messages in his work, placed people hidden, as well as painted the clouds to appear as horses, birds, warriors, or messages.